Cantemos Con Alegría Songs

This is a song in the Nagual indigenous language of México that sings to mother earth (“Tonanzin”). Other versions sing in other spirits or dieties as well.

Abuela Malinalli


Teotikuame iolame Teo tatzin niwikamina (x2)
Nasoklamatio teotlawi Maso klamati welmia (x2)
Maso klamati welmia

Cantemos con alegría que al cielo le está gustando (x2)
Madrecita Tonanzin las gracias le estamos dando (x2)
las gracias le estamos dando.


(Translation of Spanish verse only)
Let’s sing with joy because the heavens are liking it
Mother Earth we are giving thanks to you
We are giving thanks to you