Let It Rain Songs

By Zan


Here near the humble hush of stone
Gentle wave, make your music known
On my knees besieged by the storms of fate
At river’s edge I call upon your grace

Please, set my sail where the raindrops fall
Open waters deep to receive them all
As cold as these drops may seem
From heaven they fall to wash me clean

Open your arms as the water descends
Greet your pain as a kindred friend
Let….Let it rain,
Hardship sings such a sweet refrain

Storm surging sky thumps its thunder drum
Faithful be, my child, do not run
Even the mountains downstream flow
Allow the rain to sing you home

CHORUS - with second ending into section 2


Let it rain, down on me
Let it rain, wash me clean
This miraculous infinite connectedness
Multifaceted, reflecting and revealing bliss
Generosity and wonder we are born of this
Every one of us a crystalline chrysalis
Building bravely in the image of the infinite
Celebrating when it crumbles we begin again
Weaving reverence 'round the cycles we are spinning in
With pure devotion to the potent motion of creation
When mind's confusion finds impossibility
Collaboration chimes in with the remedy
All that arises honoring and welcoming
With no disguises this moment cradles everything

Let it rain, down on me
Let it rain, wash me clean

Rain-soaked singing drips the nectar of togetherness
Drenching doubt reviving trust and love to tether us
Spiral answers timeless dancers on the precipice
Leaps of faith and pirouettes amidst the nebula
One heartbeat permeating all we are
Our drums beats reaching to the furthest stars
Fractiline consciousness in scintillating synergy
Synchronous unfolding with exacting perfect symmetry
Every moment and elixir of geometry
In loving exploration of every possibility
Beckoned by a thousand names, limited by none
Eternal essence effervescing in evolution