Machu Pichinku Songs

To the melody of “Pajaro Viejo”



Machu pichinku takini takini
Kay allpa paqarisqaykita
Qhawash kasunki

Takiy, takiy, takiy kamuway
Takiykamuway yuyarichimuway

Intipa warmi wawakunanpunin kanchis

Killapa qari wawankunapunin kanchis

Takiy, takiy, takiy kamuway,
Takiykamuway yuyarichimuway

Intipa warmi wawakunan kanchis
Killapa qari wawankunan kanchis
Kay allpa paqarisqaykita wiñasqaykita


Old bird, sing, sing
This is the land you were born on
You are watched

Sing, sing, sing to me
Sing to me, remind me

That we are all daughters of the sun
That we are all sons of the moon
This earth has birthed and grown you