Mahk Jchi Songs

By Pura Fé and Soni of Ulali

*The song is in a compilation of Tutelo and Saponi languages, now extinct dialects of the Sioux
nation from the Ohio Valley.

Mahk Jchi by Ulali


Mahk Jchi tahm boo-ee
yahm pi-gih-dee
Mahk Jchi tahm boo-ee
kahn speh-wah eh-bi (x2)
Mahm-pi wah ho-ka yi nonk,
tah hond tah-ni kih-yee tai-yee
Ghee weh meh yee-tai-yee,
Nan-ka yaht yah moo-ni-yeh wah-jhi-seh


Our hearts are full
and our minds are good
Our ancestors come & give us strength
Stand tall, sing, dance
& never forget
who you are & where you come from